White Claw, DoorDash top the list of 2019's fastest-growing brands

Zack Guzman
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When it comes to measuring the fastest-growing brands of 2019, it was a year dominated by the kings of food delivery, plant-based meats and hard seltzer.

Food delivery leader DoorDash, and hard seltzer giant White Claw topped the list of a new ranking of the brands making the largest strides in purchasing consideration, according to market research firm Morning Consult. Both brands beat out thousands of others to show the largest jump in the share of consumers who said they would consider purchasing from a brand over the course of 2019.

Fellow food delivery company Postmates, plant-based meat startup Impossible Foods and the PayPal-owned payment company Venmo rounded out the list of brands making the largest strides this year. In total, 11 of the top 20 spots were earned by food brands and delivery services.

Food delivery companies Door Dash and Postmates both cracked the list of the fastest growing brands, as measured by data firm Morning Consult.
Food delivery companies Door Dash and Postmates both cracked the list of the fastest growing brands, as measured by data firm Morning Consult.

For DoorDash, the SoftBank-backed food delivery company founded in 2013, it’s been a year of success and stealing market share away from competitors like Grubhub to become the market leader. The company has funded most of that growth by raising an impressive sum — even by today’s standards — attracting more than $2 billion dollars from investors in its relatively short rise to become the top delivery app.

Much like DoorDash, the Mark Anthony Brands subsidiary White Claw has risen to prominence despite increased competition from the likes of Boston Beer Company’s Truly hard seltzer. A survey by Bank of America Merrill Lynch revealed that White Claw was able to edge out Truly in terms of preferred brands among younger drinkers by about a 20% margin. Truly has since invested heavily in revamping its flavors with a new and improved formulation.

Both brands enjoyed a strong preference among younger consumers, including Gen Zers and millennials, to top the list, according to Morning Consult. However, a brand appreciation among younger consumers did not always manifest as a positive for brands.

One notable company that was named in the same report as boasting the largest gain in brand awareness in 2018, vaping company Juul Labs, did not make the list for the fastest-growing brands due to negative headlines. From health concerns associated with vaping, to negative press associated with lawsuits and investigations into Juul’s marketing practices that allegedly targeted teenage consumers, Juul did not positively benefit from added brand awareness in the same way as its counterparts did.

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