'We’re in the early innings' of influencer marketing

Brooke DiPalma
·Associate Producer

Revolve (RVLV) is giving ‘fashion forward’ an entirely new meaning with Raissa Gerona at its chief brand officer. Gerona helped to create influencer marketing at the e-tailer and thinks there’s still plenty ahead for influencers at Revolve.

“We’ve been doing it for over a decade at this point,” Raissa Gerona told Yahoo Finance’s On the Move, “I still think that we’re in the early innings, there’s so many influencers from all over the world that are really helping to increase brand awareness, not just for Revolve, but for so many brands that are really trying to figure out how to utilize and maximize social media and influencer marketing.”

According to Statista, the influencer marketing platform is expected to be worth $373.5 billion dollars by 2027 with the most effective formats including Instagram posts and stories, followed by YouTube (GOOG) and Facebook (FB) posts. And although like most people, Gerona initially thinks of Facebook’s Instagram when it comes to influencer marketing, she is also keeping an eye on up and coming channels.

Revolve Chief Brand Officer Raissa Gerona joins Kendall Jenner. (Courtesy: Revolve)
Revolve Chief Brand Officer Raissa Gerona joins Kendall Jenner. (Courtesy: Revolve)

The number of influencers entering the market “allows us to increase brand awareness through multiple channels... they can help a brand like Revolve evolve and grow,” Gerona said. “They can reach so many people around the world, so for us it’s an opportunity...whether that’s obviously Instagram or something’s that new and upcoming like TikTok.”

And while some people may not believe in influencer marketing, Gerona, among others, sees them as “the new celebrity.”

“It’s just like how Nike (NKE) uses athletes” Gerona said. “We know that the millennials and Gen Z really look to an influencer to influence them, not only what clothes to buy, but also where to eat, where to travel, what furniture they should be buying, for us it’s really been this incredible playbook that’s allowed us to increase awareness and really grow Revolve as a global brand.”

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