Warwick Castle knight goes viral on TikTok: ‘He’s like the missing Hemswoth’

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 (TikTok @claricespeaks/@willba90)
(TikTok @claricespeaks/@willba90)

A “knight” from Warwick Castle has gone viral on TikTok after a user uploaded a video of him with the caption: “Someone find me this man!”

The knight, whose real name is Will Arnold, is seen in the video taking part in a display at the castle while flicking his long blonde hair, riding a horse, wearing knights armour, and holding a sword.

Arnold, who is a horse rider, actor and dairy farmer, was quick to comment on the video, writing: “Hi! thanks for the video”, alongside a hands up emoji.

The video, posted by @claricespeaks, has been viewed over 234,000 times since it was posted on Tuesday (16 August), and has received over 600 comments.

“So I’m guessing all my fellow mothers are taking our children to Warwick castle then for ‘educational purposes’,” one woman wrote.

Another added: “Oooh. He’s like the missing Hemsworth,” while a third said, “Straight off a Mills and Boon cover”.

One person commented: “My kids: What are you watching? Me: Get your shoes on we’re going out, we can be in Warwick in 15 minutes.”

Others had a bit further to go to get to the castle, with one person writing: “It’s only an eight hour drive, I can be there by morning.”

Another called the video the “best advertising for Warwick Castle”, while another jokingly questioned whether you can get an annual pass to to the castle.

Others commented on how quick the user found out who Arnold was, writing: “I can’t find my mum in Tescos yet you find this adonis in 45 minutes.”

Arnold goes by @willba90 on TikTok, and has posted several videos of himself in the knights costume as well as his work as a dairy farmer.