Wagatha Christie: First look at Channel 4 drama sees This is England actor and Harry Potter star in lead roles

Channel 4’s forthcoming seies Vardy V Rooney: A Courtroom Drama will explore the case that made headlines in 2019.

This summer, Vardy, 40, lost a libel battle against Rooney, 36, over a social media post that the High Court judge found to be “substantially true”.

Rooney was being sued for accusing her former friend on social media of seeking information from her private Instagram account to The Sun.

In stills released in November, the Bafta-winning star Chanel Cresswell (This Is England) is seen in costume as Coleen Rooney.

Meanwhile, Natalia Tena – known for her role as Nymphadora Tonks in Harry Potter – is pictured as Vardy. The images see her wearing dark sunglasses and surrounded by reporters.

Dion Lloud plays former Manchester midfielder Rooney, while Marton Nagyszokolyai takes on the role of Leicester City striker Jamie Vardy.

Michael Sheen will star as Rooney’s A-list lawyer David Sherborne.

 (Channel 4)
(Channel 4)

The film is set to air in December on Channel 4.

The broadcaster has said it “recreates the high drama, high stakes High Court defamation case” based on the court transcripts”.

It will also imagine the “huge impact on the lives of the two women at its heart”.

In October, a judge in their libel trial ruled that Vardy must pay 90 per cent of Rooney’s legal costs, reaching up to £1.5m.