Verizon Media CEO on how the company is engaging users in the presidential election

Guru Gowrappan, CEO of Verizon Media, discusses how the company is covering the presidential election.

Video Transcript

GURU GOWRAPPAN: [? It ?] is indeed the most important for our lifetime. I think bottom line, our goal is to provide our consumers with everything they need to cast an informed vote. And that's what we do. We touch about 85% of internet consumers in the US. As this year has marked a time of incredible change, as we all know, reflection across our country and our mission to provide our audience with trusted and accurate content has become even more important than ever.

So the way we reacted, we've created Yahoo election hub. The hub allows users to track major events, stream live events, clarify candidates' stances on important issues, immerse themselves into topics and gauge public opinion through polling data. We came out of the polling data just today. And informing audiences on voting process for their hometown.

Leading up to election, Verizon Media will continue to use the power of our ecosystem to drive voter registration, of course, and then provide also accurate information about this process. And we are prepared fully, focused on ensuring the safety and integrity of the election through a coordinated approach across our organization.

So a lot of work ahead of us. I mean, we are only few days away. But our editorial teams will be very cautious in calling any results. We are, of course, working with AP to also coordinate calls for the election as well. So it's a lot of good work going in progress.