Davos 2023: 5 top tech executives address mounting layoffs

Top executives at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland address the growing number of tech companies cutting jobs.

You can see their full interviews here.

Key Video Takeaways

00:00: Enrique Lores, HP CEO

00:13: Chuck Robbins, Cisco CEO

00:20: Antonio Neri, HPE CEO

00:26: Gina Mastantuono, ServiceNow CFO

00:35: Matthew Prince, Cloudflare CEO

Video Transcript

- Anything that has people implications are probably the hardest decisions we have to make as executives. But at the same time, they are the right thing to do for the success of the company.

- I think it's pretty difficult to say. I think the next couple of quarters are really going to tell us what's really going to happen in the economy.


- We will continue to reallocate resources. In fact, we continue to hire in some areas where we need the talent.

- So while we are not in a position to have to do layoffs, we certainly have slowed down hiring a bit during the back half of the year.

- I think when we see a lot of peer companies laying people off, when we see people in the tech industry really struggling, the idea of throwing in a-- flying in a big performer, spending a ton of money on a lavish party didn't make a bunch of sense.