Utoverse Enters into the World of Multiverse to Create an Ideal Parallel Universe

LONDON, March 17, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Utoverse has announced the launch of its utopia-based Metaverse project that uses a combination of modern age tech such as blockchain, 3D virtual reality, AR, NFTs, and GameFi while utilising mythical, astronomical, and physics based knowledge to combine a multi-axis Utoverse.

Humankind has always been in search of a parallel universe. Myth, Legend, Religion, Faction, and modern-age Science, all reflect a mention of the alternative universe, which is highly desirable and perfect for its inhabitants called Utopia, in other words.

Serving as an alternative virtual universe in the form of the metaverse, Utoverse will offer its inhabitants ideal and seemingly perfect conditions. It will ensure equality of resources, which in our existing planet i.e., mother Earth, is not possible mainly because of a series of catastrophes, and human nature, leading to a phase where the Earth cannot restore itself to its original state.

With Utoverse, a group of courageous and resourceful aspirants are determined to go to outer space to find another planet suitable for humankind to live and recreate an ideal world.

Combining GameFi with Utoverse

Utoverse combines GameFi with metaverse and enables the inhabitants of Utoverse to enjoy financial freedom. It adopts the famous Monopoly gaming model as the main game element. In Utoverse, players can participate in games launched by different "enterprises" to obtain game experience and social networking.

At the same time, players can also buy "equity contracts" to make profits in the development of various enterprises to achieve the central idea and principle of Play to Earn.

Entering into the Utoverse

To become an inhabitant of Utoverse, a user must first acquire an Avatar, which represents the digital version of the person within the alternative world. Avatar can be acquired by getting an NFT of several types, including the Capitalist, the Entrepreneur, the Gold Collar Businessman, the White Color Employers, and the Blue Collar Worker, all of which represent different roles within the Utoverse.

The Utoverse will further offer categorized lands with labeled districts with exclusive traits per district for its residents. This includes the Financial District, Private Land, and Thematic Economic Zone.


Utoverse believes in a fair and equality-based governance model. If features a game party that will act as the government to ensure the normal operation of the game. Billboards as advertising points in each enterprise, and shareholders can enjoy the profits.

30% of the land on the map will be allocated for the government and official institutions, and the game will be profitable from toll fees shared with capitalists and NFT owners. The government will make the other 70% of the map available for "corporate use" and offer 40% of the corporate shares as an "Enterprise share offering contract" to all businesses to create more business opportunities. Players will earn extra money if they share a grid with the government NFT.

Play to Earn

  • Complete the daily task of the game, earn game tokens, buy blind boxes and trade in the market.

  • Buy the "enterprise share offering contract" in the game to earn game profits

  • Win more game tokens through small games

  • Upgrade to a capitalist NFT and share game dividends with the game player

  • Get recurring revenue from staking

  • Get a fair share from the revenue generated from advertising space

The Mega Launch

Utoverse will be opening its doors for the public by March, whereby anyone who wishes to achieve perfection by becoming part of an ideal world can join. A private sale of the UTO (main token of the Utoverse) will be offered for sale that will operate for a limited time. Holders of this token can use it as a trading tool between all platforms between Utoverse. Furthermore, UTO will also enable the Utopians to enjoy features such as Staking, Utoverse Rewards, and other revenue-generating monetization elements within the Utoverse.

Why should people not miss being early inhabitant of the Utoverse?

Utoverse is pushing the boundaries in the metaverse space by offering an alternative world that is perfect and ideal. It aims to build a fully functional and sustainable Utoverse economy with fair governance to narrow down the gaps of deprivation faced by users on the earth. The project is still nascent, and getting into the ecosystem will only get difficult with time. The private sale users will get exclusive discounts and get early access to features such as NFT collections, staking and revenue from the Utoverse, so hurry up become an early inhabitant of the Utoverse.

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