United DAO Set to Make DeFi Truly Sustainable and Accessible in Highly Anticipated Launch

SINGAPORE, Feb. 18, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Amidst the surge of interest in crypto projects, a brand-new disruptor has solidified its plans to change the way people view DeFi. United DAO seeks to become a global movement to break down the barriers and democratize access to DeFi and all its inherent benefits for the masses.

With over 4 million USD raised in seed funding, United DAO aims to build a sustainable decentralized currency, backed by a basket of digital and real assets. It will provide token holders early-stage access to exclusive blockchain projects, as well as private equity projects in order to provide growth for the treasury.

An algorithm-based token is only as strong as the treasury that backs it. United DAO strikes a fine balance between liquidity, active risk management, and growth. The treasury generates liquidity through its bonding process and diversifies into different investment vehicles to stimulate treasury growth. In addition, United DAO has implemented a United Allies programme for participants to earn active income from the protocol, as well as innovative new pledge-and-burn tokenomics to compound its treasury reserves.

"Many problems exist with the current billion-dollar DeFi industry. The underlying assets of DeFi treasuries can lose value due to poor asset management, anonymous founders can abandon projects by running off with funds or low liquidity pools can result in token liquidation. During a time of unprecedented uncertainty and volatility, we believe that the way forward for the sustainability of DeFi is when all stakeholders are held equally accountable. United DAO is here to make that happen," declared Richard Yap, Founder of United DAO.

"In true market equilibrium, stakeholders can benefit from prudent governance and decentralized ownership even in grueling market conditions. Our protocol has built-in innovative new tokenomics to prevent a negative feedback loop and a 'bank run' that was seen with previous projects during bear markets and liquidity crunches. In addition, our stellar team and advisors are made up of top credible economics and finance professionals. They possess decades of relevant experience in various well-known MNCs, start-ups, and government entities. They will form the backbone of United DAO's Decentralized Autonomous Organization committee, with the mandate to grow its assets in a safe and sustainable manner," added Richard.

"As the entire ecosystem matures and stabilizes, governance tokens will also be issued for voting on matters such as the usage of treasury reserves. This empowers the entire community to be decision-makers in growing and evolving the protocol," concluded Richard.

To learn more about United DAO, do visit https://www.uniteddao.io/.

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