One student killed and another injured in shooting at Texas high school

One student has died and another was injured after a shooting at Lamar High School in Arlington, Texas.

A suspect in the shooting has been arrested, according to police.

Police in Arlington said the incident occurred before 7am outside the school.

Law enforcement confirmed to Fox4 News that two students were shot.

One student, a male, was shot and later died at the hospital, accoridng to Fox4 News.

Shrapnel from a shot hit a female student and grazed her cheek. She is being treated at the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

The suspected shooter, who is reportedly a juvenile, has been arrested. Police have not commented on whether the alleged shooter attends the school.


Police have asked the public to steer clear of the campus while they continue their investigation.

“We will continue to work in lock step with the district to make schools a safe place for the students to learn,” Arlington Police Chief Al Jones told the outlet.

Officers said they do not believe that the alleged shooter ever entered the high school, noting that the school day was not in session at the time of the incident.

Normencha Stiger, a parent of a 9th grade student at the school, told the broadcaster she received a text notifying her there had been a shooting at the school.

“I got a text from the school this morning saying the school was on lockdown,” she said. “I just left work so I could be here, because my son is in there and when you don’t know what’s going on it is worrisome.”

The high school initiated its lockdown protocols. After it clears, the students and staff inside will be bussed to the Arlington Athletic Centre and will be dismissed for the day, according to the school district.

Classes have been cancelled at the school for Tuesday.

Monday was the school's first day back after spring break.