Tucker’s New ‘Alex Jones’ Idea: Chemicals in Milk That ‘Turn Kids Trans’

Fox News
Fox News

Tucker Carlson sounded just like his good pal and right-wing conspiracy nut Alex Jones on Monday, at one point commenting about chemicals in milk that “turn kids trans.”

The Fox host expressed sympathy during his show for an Amish farmer named Amos Miller who has run into legal trouble over food safety issues identified by the Food and Drug Administration dating back to 2016. The government is seeking $305,065 in fines, and, according to a legal update on the farm website dated last September, has put meat production on hold.

“So they went after gyms, organic farmers, and churches?” Carlson complained, referring also to government restrictions put in place during the COVID pandemic to limit gatherings in enclosed spaces. “So, maybe they’re against anything that’s wholesome and edifying and that makes you stronger and healthier, and are in favor of anything that diminishes you and makes you more dependent? I’m just sensing a theme here.”


Carlson’s guest, a reporter for the right-wing website Rebel News named Jeremy Loffredo, noted that Miller’s organic farm doesn’t use “any gasoline or any fertilizer.” Those two commodities, Loffredo claimed, “have become very expensive because of [President Joe] Biden’s policies in regards to the war in Ukraine and Russia.” The administration, he added, is “coming after [Miller] for it.”

“Maybe if he promises to put more chemicals in the milk that turn kids trans, they’ll lay off,” blurted out Carlson, who has targeted transgender people before. His comment was reminiscent of Jones’ loony theory that the government is “putting chemicals in the water that turn the friggin’ frogs gay.”

Carlson then said federal agents should not have set foot on Miller’s farm to put a hold on production.

“We’re for law enforcement, broadly speaking, but there is such a thing as conscience,” Carlson said. “And they should not have gone along with this. When they tell you to raid an organic Amish farm, that’s when you bow out.”

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