Tribeca Capital Group, LLC, Converts COVID-19 Wrongful Termination Claims into Cash with Lawsuit Fundings

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NEW YORK, Aug. 12, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Tribeca Capital Group, LLC, a pioneer in pre-settlement litigation funding, announces that it is now advancing funds to claimants who have lost their livelihoods through wrongful termination, the employer's mishandling of wage and benefit claims, and other employment issues arising from the pandemic crisis.

Tribeca Capital Group, LLC (PRNewsfoto/Tribeca Capital Group, LLC)
Tribeca Capital Group, LLC (PRNewsfoto/Tribeca Capital Group, LLC)

"It wasn't long after the coronavirus reached our shores that we started hearing about mass layoffs and furloughs. Unemployment levels suddenly jumped to double digits, and over the course of weeks, Americans had filed more than 6 million unemployment claims. With so many losing their jobs, it was inevitable that we would discover some layoffs and furloughs were being conducted unlawfully," said Tribeca's founder, Rory Donadio.

Some companies affected by so-called shelter-in-place or lockdown orders laid off substantial numbers in their workforces without observing mandatory federal and state reduction in force rules. Other companies have fired employees for wanting to wear personal protective equipment or for calling out unsafe working conditions. Some have fired workers or denied them federally mandated sick leave for exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19 or for caring for a family member stricken with the virus. Still others have refused to pay back wages or compensate laid off employees for unused benefits.

"We've seen employers commit egregious acts like reducing an employee's wages by the amount of their stimulus checks or by denying them the severance guaranteed by their employment contracts," says Donadio. "There's no doubt that this pandemic is unprecedented and has stretched employers to the breaking point. Employers have a responsibility to their workforce, which a majority of employers take seriously even under the direst of circumstances. Unfortunately, not all employers share respect for federal and state laws and employment contracts that are designed to protect employees."

Wronged former employees are hit by a double whammy. Not only have they been personally wronged, they have lost their sources of income. Donadio explains, "The ex-employee files a lawsuit seeking compensation for the wrongs they endured and replacement wages to help them survive and provide for their families. In the meantime, they turn to litigation funding companies like Tribeca to fill in the gaps. Based on a thorough evaluation of the claim, Tribeca can often provide the plaintiff a one-time advance to get them over a hump or an ongoing payment to supplement unemployment benefits."

If you or a family member suffered a wrongful termination or reduction in wages, Tribeca may be able to help. Hundreds of plaintiffs have turned to Tribeca to convert their court cases into cash when they needed it most. If you need help funding your case, contact Rory Donadio, Tribeca Capital Group, LLC, at 866-388-2288 or visit our website for more information:

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