Fast food employee baffled by customer's bizarre drive-thru behavior: 'You know what I want'

Fast food workers have had enough.

On Sept. 3, Travis Scott and McDonald’s announced that they were collaborating on a celebrity meal called the Travis Scott Meal. The eponymous meal, which officially began selling in stores on Sept. 8 and will be available until Oct. 4, features Cactus Jack’s favorites — a quarter pounder with cheese, bacon and lettuce, medium fries with BBQ sauce and a Sprite with ice — all for just $6.

The McDonald’s/Travis Scott collab has been a huge success so far. According to UBS, McDonald’s franchises saw a “significant boost” in sales from the celebrity-approved meal, largely thanks to Scott’s younger fan base.

Arguably a huge part of the Cactus Jack collab’s success is thanks to TikTok, where teens have made ordering the meal into a trend.

In the latest trend, teens drive up to the ordering window at McDonald’s and, when asked what they would like to order, they simply reply, “You know why I’m here.” They then proceed to start blasting Travis Scott’s “Sicko Mode.” For TikTok users, it’s hilarious; for McDonald’s employees, it’s undoubtedly infuriating.


Well, in typical TikTok fashion, some users are taking the trend one step further and trolling other fast food restaurants with the prank — even though, as everyone is well aware, the only restaurant selling the Travis Scott Meal is McDonald’s.

In one viral video, user Everett Kim drives up to the ordering window at a Dairy Queen and gives him the typical prompt: “You know what I want,” followed by the intro to “Sicko Mode.” The employee seems to know what this means, because he is simply silent for a moment and then replies matter-of-factly, “Uh, this is a Dairy Queen.”

Kim’s video, which has racked up more than 800,000 likes in just two days, has been mostly well-received by users who found the “awkward” prank “hilarious.”

“This has no business being this funny,” one person said.

“Wrong restaurant,” another user joked.

“I shouldn’t be laughing this hard,” a third person commented.

However, some people felt back for the Dairy Queen employee, seeing as fast food workers are being bombarded with irritating requests like this on a daily basis.

“Please. I can’t take a normal shift I don’t need this too,” one fast food worker commented.

“As a Dairy Queen employee I would simply not answer after this until you went away,” another person noted.

“They def sicko of everyone,” a third person added.

Honestly, though, this is kind of McDonald’s fault: They did tell customers to say that Cactus Jack sent them, so …

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