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NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / July 30, 2020 / The world of fitness coaching has seen a drastic shift in the past few years, with fitness coaches and trainers no longer wanting to work 12-hour days to make 6 figures a year. There are a number of trainers who have made the transition to coaching online, where they can help far more people, in less time. Becoming a successful online coach, however, is a different story. There are a few leading experts who have mastered the art of online fitness coaching and are now teaching others how they can do the same. Here we present the top 5 fitness business coaches leading the way:

  1. Vince Del Monte


Growing up with parents who were full time ministers in the church, Vince Del Monte was instilled with a rock-solid foundation from a young age, which has served him in all aspects of his life - business included. Formerly a WBFF Fitness Pro and Model, Vince has created a business empire that has generated him over 7 figures a year for the past decade, where he has impacted countless lives and been able to live life on his own terms, while also being the provider for his wife and 3 kids. With over a decade of experience running successful fitness businesses, Vince saw the opportunity to serve others through teaching them exactly how to build their own successful, and highly profitable fitness businesses. Vince founded the The 7-Figure Mastermind and 6-Figure Coach Programs. The 7-Figure Mastermind is aimed at entrepreneurs already making 6-figures, helping them scale to the million-dollar level, and the 6-Figure Coach is for beginner fitness entrepreneurs, showing them how to get to their first $5,000 month, in as little as 24 hours. Vince's programs go into great depth, and he breaks them down into four unique marketing blueprints, to help his clients get more high-quality leads, and convert them into paying clients. Vince has made a huge impact in the fitness business community, and he is living proof that faith and work ethic can build an empire, without having to sacrifice family time and the important things life has to offer.

2. Sean Garner


When preparing to become a firefighter, Sean Garner developed an interest for fitness that turned into a passion to help others. Unique to the industry, Sean has experience in multiple sectors of fitness. Sean has owned 3 fitness gyms, grown a 6-figure personal training business, and has managed a multi-million training facility in Miami. Having also been named as one of the top trainers in the world by Men's Health magazine, Sean was constantly looking to extend his reach, leading him to create fitness DVD's and multiple other digital products. After seeing the possibilities for fitness professionals in the online space, Sean founded EntreFit, where he guides fitpro's and gym owners to create and scale online businesses. EntreFit is a full-service agency and coaching program, which helps its clients with all aspects of an online fitness business -including offer or product creation, website design, marketing, business development and more. As a highly qualified fitness professional, Sean upholds his reputation by choosing to work only with fitness professionals, rather than ‘fitness influencers', who've tainted the online fitness space for far too long. Sean has built a large and loyal following throughout his journey and has been able to impact countless lives, creating a legacy that will last long into the future as he shapes the online fitness industry for the better.

3. Brian Mark


Having started his online fitness coaching journey back in 2013, Brian Mark is now known as the ‘Online Trainer's Trainer'. Starting from scratch, Brian was able to grow his training business to 10k/month, which he soon scaled to $50k/month, after hiring 10 other trainers. In 2018 he folded his fitness business and started mentoring personal trainers to help them reach 10k per month, which he has now helped nearly 60 coaches do consistently - without a cent on paid advertising. Having had a difficult past himself, Brian is driven by the impact he's able to create for others. Now having over 400 students that are running profitable online coaching businesses, Brian's results are testament to his passion for helping others. Brian is also the host of 'Change Lives, Make Money' online trainer podcast, which is one of the fastest growing podcasts on the internet today. Those who are a part of Brian's community rave about the quality of service they experience. His enthusiasm and straight-forward attitude help his clients learn easily and effectively, and with a positive attitude. Offering his services at the best price on the market, combined with the incredible results he's delivered for countless individuals, Brian Mark is certainly one of the most qualified in the world to get your online fitness business flourishing.

4. Tim Lyons Jr.


Having owned and operated his own profitable training studio for over a decade, Tim Lyons Jr. has now successfully created and scaled multiple 7-figure businesses, working with gym owners from all over the world. In the last 12 months alone, Tim has personally contributed to over $5,000,000 in new training revenue for other gyms and has helped countless gym owner's transition from being a slave in their business, to being true business owners. The goal of Tim's coaching is to help gym owners ascend from the ‘self-employed role', to create systems and structures in their business like true business owners do, freeing up their time. "A gym that runs on systems and requires little to no time from me at all is the way a gym should be operated" Tim explained. Tim and his team offer an 8-week coaching program, designed to help Fitness Business Owners lay a foundation on their systems - using the same systems they've proven time and time again to be successful. Tim is also the Author of the Amazon best-selling book "Built to Grow" and a co-host on the ‘Built To Grow' Podcast with a staggering 140 episodes and growing. Having already impacted hundreds of lives through his teachings, Tim's true passion is to help gym owners win, which he does an amazing job of through both his content and coaching.

5. Andrew McIlwean


As a kid, Andrew Mcllwean experienced being bullied for being skinny. It wasn't until he realized that all his insecurities could only stop if he began to work on himself. Andrew started working out and made a life commitment to fitness, to boost his confidence and be the best version of himself. As he progressed in his fitness journey, he achieved an amazing transformation for himself, which made him feel incredible and like a completely new man, after all those years of feeling insecure. This is what sparked the interest that inspired him to do the same for others. Starting out with personal training, Andrew then moved to group coaching - which eventually led him to start his online fitness and wellness coaching company, Perseverance Coaching. Unlike other fitness coaching businesses, Andrew and his team are focused on self-transformation, rather than focusing solely on training and diets. Fitness and wellness became his life's passion, as it was the tool that transformed Andrew into who he is now. Andrew strongly believes that being fit is not just getting in great shape, but also changing one's outlook towards oneself and become the best version that they can be.

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