Tom Hanks, who’s been in 52 movies, says he’s only ever made ‘four pretty good’ ones

Tom Hanks has lefts his fans guessing after saying he’s made just four “pretty good” movies in 30 years.

The actor has been a fixture in Hollywood since the 1980s, when he starred in films including Splash!, Big and The ‘Burbs.

It was in the 1990s when he started earning awards acclaim, winning Best Actor at the Oscars two years in a row for Forrest Gump and Philadelphia.

His other credits in the 1990s include two Toy Story films, You’ve Got Mail and The Green Mile.

Hanks has also regularly worked with director Steven Spielberg, appearing in Saving Private Ryan, Catch Me if You Can, The Terminal, Bridge of Spies and The Post.

Hanks was promoting his debut novel, titled The Making of Another Major Motion Picture Masterpiece, when he told People: “No one knows how a movie is made – though everyone thinks they do.”

The actor and producer added: “I’ve made a ton of movies (and four of them are pretty good, I think) and I’m still amazed at how films come together. From a flicker of an idea to the flickering image onscreen, the whole process is a miracle.”

Hank’s comment has left fans wondering which films he was thinking of.

His admission hints that he’s ware that many of his films have been poorly received over the years. These include Brian De Palma’s Tom Wolfe adaptation, The Bonfire of the Vanities, the Coen brothers remake of The Ladykillers, Ron Howard’s DaVinci Code films and Robert Zemeckis’ recent live-action Pinocchio film.

His performance in Baz Lurhmann’s Elvis alongside Austin Butler has also been highlighted as the weakest part of the film.

Tom Hanks’s performance in ‘Elvis’ was poorly received (Warner Bros Pictures)
Tom Hanks’s performance in ‘Elvis’ was poorly received (Warner Bros Pictures)

The Making of Another Major Motion Picture Masterpiece will be released in May 2023.