Suspicious husband sets up hidden camera to prove wife was poisoning him, NC cops say

Mitchell Willetts
·1 min read

A 72-year-old woman has been charged with attempted murder after a hidden camera, set up by her husband and stepson, caught her in the act, police said.

Susan McNair was arrested Aug. 11, for trying to poison the two by adding paint primer and cleaning chemicals to their drinks, according to Wilmington police, and video shared with authorities by the would-be victims shows it.

The son fell ill first, a Wilmington policespokeswoman told McClatchy News, and the father noted a burning sensation in his mouth when he took a drink.

After comparing notes, they began to suspect they were being poisoned. They decided to prove it, and positioned a hidden camera to record what was happening out of sight.

Neither required hospitalization, the spokeswoman said. EMS came out to the house and took blood samples, and police are waiting on the results.

McNair is facing two counts of first-degree attempted murder, and two counts of contaminating food or drink with a controlled substance, according to police.

Her bail is set at $800,000.