Strike CEO: ’Bitcoin transport’s value at the speed of light”

Strike CEO Jack Mallers discusses the Bitcoin lightning network and details why he believes it to be a disruptor as a payment system.

Video Transcript

JACK MALLERS: This is an asset that has a fixed supply, a known issuance, a known monetary policy, and a sufficiently distributed network where you know it will never change. I'm not advocating for people to spend Bitcoin. I'm advocating that how do you actually transport value at the speed of light?

I mean, this is a payments network that could move value anywhere in the world at no cost in real time. And anyone can build on top of its more inclusive, more innovative. And so, I'm just saying, if I wanted to, for example, move dollars to euros, I could take dollars out of your Chase account, turn it into Bitcoin, zip it across the planet in real time. It's the only fiscal bear instrument that can move and settle at the speed of light and then convert it back into euros.

To the consumer that's remitting money or to the consumer that's buying Chipotle, they don't Bitcoin is involved. So, whether you want to have a stablecoin on one end, whether you want to have a euro, whether you want to have Starbucks points, it's the payment network that facilitates the settlement of value is the disrupter here.