Stream Live - Innovative Blockchain Solution for Live Broadcasting Industry

Dubai, United Arab Emirates--(Newsfile Corp. - November 12, 2021) - Stream Live has launched an Innovative Blockchain Solution for Live Broadcasting Industry. Blockchain reshaped numerous sectors. Blockchain has continually provided advancements and shattered industrial limits by bringing technology breakthroughs such as decentralization, digital currencies, and non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Figure 1: Stream Live — Innovative Blockchain Solution for Live Broadcasting Industry

So, as we progress towards a more blockchain-integrated world, teams from all around the globe come up with innovative blockchain and crypto applications. An aspirational blockchain firm named Stream Live is creating innovative blockchain solutions for an old business - live broadcasting.

People might make a career by live streaming on sites like YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, AfreecaTV, and TikTok. But Stream Live wants to be more than simply another live streaming platform. Their team is working on a blockchain-based live streaming platform that will enable multi-streaming (broadcast to numerous platforms simultaneously) and transform your feeds into NFTs.

According to Stream Live CEO Michael Ein Chaybeh:

"The demand on Blockchain Technology has increased dramatically over the years. Blockchain is being used to enhance many online platforms and it is soon about time that everything will be on blockchain to utilize the enhanced and unique features it can bring to the world. We are combining 'Live Streaming' and 'Blockchain' together to revolutionize the Live streaming industry to empower streamers and viewers and enhance viewers' experience."

The LiveView platform enables broadcasters to earn 100% of their followers' contributions by integrating the blockchain-based digital asset Stream (STRM). They wouldn't have to worry about the 30% to 50% fees that sites like YouTube and Twitch collect from their revenue. The Stream Live team also proposed implementing a function that allows users to convert videos into NFTs. These NFTs may be exchanged in NFT markets, enabling broadcasters to earn more and control their content completely.

About Stream Live

Stream Live is the most innovative blockchain solution benefiting both the streamer and the viewer. This functionality helps broadcasters to reach more people and build their audience by removing platform-specific limits.

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