Stay Close: Viewers are hung up on one thing about Megan in the Netflix thriller

Stay Close viewers are not convinced by one particular plotline in the Netflix thriller.

The Harlan Coben adaptation follows three people – Megan (Cush Jumbo), Ray (Richard Armitage) and Detective Broome (James Nesbitt) – who are connected through their secret pasts. Their lives begin to cross over again after a young man mysteriously goes missing.

***This article contains spoilers***

Megan – now a suburban mum – once worked as a dancer at the strip club Vipers, where she was known by the name Cassie. As the drama unfolds, we learn that Cassie ran away from her old life and began a new, more conventional one.

However, some fans have pointed out that Megan didn’t exactly leave her old life very far behind, and so it’s not exactly a surprise that her past came back to haunt her.

“Ok but the main plot hole in Stay Close is that Cassie ‘ran away’ to start a new life as Megan but she’s literally living up the road… sure,” tweeted one viewer.

“Need some answers on stay close, I’m absolutely hooked,” added another. “BUT the killer creepy dancing couple?!?! They’re painful to watch & did Cassie/ Megan really run away basically round the corner??”

A third posted: “Not being funny but Megan (Cassie) in #stayclose keeps wondering how they found her? You live down the road from everyone that’s how. I’m surprised half of them haven’t bumped into you in Tesco.”

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