Starfield’s cube-shaped fast food looks unholy in real life, as fan recreates “almost” every item on the Chunks menu

 Starfield cockpit.
Starfield cockpit.

The biggest fast food chain in Starfield’s vast universe is called Chunks, a company that renders every food item you can think of into a literal cube. One fan has now made the valiant effort of recreating “almost” every item on the Chunks menu in real life.

Twitter user (X-er?) KatOfWhimsy posted their recreations earlier this week and the results are fascinating. The expert chef made Chunks versions of baked potato, poached egg, grilled chicken, Mongolian beef, secret sauce, cheesesteak, pumpkin pie, red cheesecake, chocolate, cola zero, and cabernet rouge. The various foodstuffs aren’t plastic (or an unholy hallucination), since the fan posted another video breaking down exactly what’s inside some of the cubes, or Chunks, I should say.

Gross? Scrumptious? Just kinda impressive? You decide. Honestly, I could devour the above mini-cheesesteak on any day, but I wouldn’t touch the egg Chunk with a ten-foot pole. Eggs should be circular, and no amount of propaganda delivered in Bethesda’s space epic can change my mind. That aside, I’ve had a fair share of deserts that have been cubed up anyway, so the chunkified cheesecakes aren’t too radical either, I guess.

The only things missing from Kat’s menu are the Chunks apple (which seems impossible to organically recreate), the Chunks chick (that sounds sorta cruel), and the Chunks wine (something I’d happily glug on after work.) Who’s brave enough to mess with nature to engineer cuboid fruit, then?

Starfield players have come up with some impressive creations since its launch, although most of them have been in-game and most have also been inedible. One modder imagined a loading-free future for Starfield, letting you seamlessly zip across systems. Another spent 100 hours on an unreal factory, showing off the outpost system’s true potential. And one master shipbuilder recreated the Star Wars Imperial Destroyer, while also publishing a 21-page how-to guide. Now that’s dedication.

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