Stacey Solomon fears she won’t be able to afford energy for her £1.2m home after bills hike

Stacey Solomon has voiced her concern over soaring household costs in the UK.

Speaking ahead of today’s energy bill hike, the Loose Women host shared her fears that she might not be able to afford the energy bill for her £1.2m Essex home, Pickle Cottage.

Solomon, 32, and her husband, Joe Swash, 40, bought the Tudor cottage near Brentwood last year. They have invested a lot of time into renovating the property.

In a new interview with The Guardian, with Pickle Cottage acting as the backdrop, Solomon called the rising cost of energy bills “scary”.

She said: “If our energy bill doubles, then it might well be beyond our means in the future.

“I’m not saying it is the same for us as someone on the breadline, ’cos it blooming well isn’t. But it’s such a scary time.”

She continued: “How have we allowed the country to get to this point? How can the government not be prepared for it?”

The couple’s sprawling estate is set on two acres of land, and has its own outdoor pool and games room.

Solomon and Swash were married in an intimiate cermony at Pickle Cottage earlier this year. The couple share two children together.

Energy prices rise on Saturday (1 October), which will see the annual bill for a typical household rise from £1,971 to £2,500 per year.

It follows months of warnings about the soaring price of gas and electricity, caused by the Russian invasion of Ukraine.