Squid Game theory claims old man and G-hun have surprising link away from deadly tournament

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A Squid Game theory is doing the rounds – and it will make you want to re-watch the show.

The Korean-language series follows a group of destitute people who participate in challenges for a big cash prize. However, if they lose, they are killed.

It has become the streaming service’s most successful show, with 111m households tuning in since its release on 17 September.

This makes it Netflix’s most-watched series launch ever, beating period drama Bridgerton, which was watched by 82m households in its first 28 days.

Fans have been feverishly poring over every scene for details they might have missed the first time around – one of which, featured in the first episode, teases the show’s final twist.

Spoilers for the Squid Game finale follow, so beware!

But, a fun theory is suggesting that Oh Il-nam, also known as “the old man”, has a close link to the tournament’s eventual winner, Seong Gi-hun (Lee Jung-jae).

The theory goes that the pair are father and son, with one TikTok video highlighting key evidence in the form of the scene in which Gi-hun asks for chocolate milk as he’s unable to drink regular milk due to an inability to digest it properly.

“As a kid, I’m willing to bet you got spanked a lot,” Il-nam says to Gi-hun, who replies: “How did you know?’

Here, Il-nam cryptically states: “My son did too. He was just like you, friend.”

Does Gi-hun have a closer connection to Il-nam than anyone realised? (Netflix)
Does Gi-hun have a closer connection to Il-nam than anyone realised? (Netflix)

It’s also revealed that they lived in a similar place during the marble challenge, when Il-nam says: “You know, when I was a kid, I lived in a neighbourhood just like this.”

Gi-hun tells him he did too, adding: “And you know something? Our alleyway looked very similar.”

It’s revealed that Il-nam has a special interest in Gi-hun due to the kindness he shows him, but perhaps it’s because he knows of their relation.