Solidbit Launches IB Partnership Program

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LONDON, March 16, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Recently, Solidbit announced the launch of its IB partnership program. Solidbit is a digital asset exchange designed for both retail and institutional investors. The platform provides a safe environment where financial institutions and individual clients can trade assets securely through an online trading platform. Retail traders can enjoy the same high level of service as professionals and whales, even with an investment of just $100.

The institutional clients are becoming increasingly important to the crypto industry. Despite this ever-increasing interest, there is still a lot of hesitation in accepting cryptocurrencies as a viable asset. For instance, institutional investors require high liquidity that typical crypto exchanges cannot provide. They also expect a higher level of security and transparency than most exchanges could currently offer.

Solidbit offers customers high liquidity with more than 100 BTC on the top 20 levels in BTC/USD order book. Professional investors and traders use the grouping feature to evaluate the depth of liquidity within the exchange's order books. In addition, the platform offers high withdrawal limits of up to $250,000.00 per transaction. The exchange has integrated a wide range of payment methods, including SWIFT and SEPA bank transfers. In addition, fiat funds are deposited with a regulated bank and 98% of crypto assets are held in cold storage to ensure that customers' funds are kept safe in a regulated or offline environment.

Solving the need for regulated exchanges

Regulation of cryptocurrencies could be a positive development for the industry as it will reduce the volatility and will make the technology more mainstream. In addition, the lack of laws and guidelines in this emerging space has created room for widespread fraud or scams. Regulation will protect long-term investors, prevent fraudulent activity, and provide clear guidelines that will allow companies to innovate in the crypto economy. Since institutional investors play a critical role in shaping the future of the crypto industry, they will help pave the way for rapid growth in the crypto economy.

Solidbit can respond to this clear market demand, by offering an innovative regulated crypto trading platform whose activities fall within the scope of EU legislation. In addition, the exchange offers the possibility to whitelist withdrawal addresses, thus preventing withdrawals to unconfirmed wallets.

Streamlining daily operations with crypto debit cards

The increasing popularity of cryptocurrencies stimulated people to use them for their daily expenses. Crypto investors should convert coins into fiat money via payment providers to make daily payments. This process is usually time-consuming and inefficient.

The launch of crypto debit cards has revolutionized the crypto movement, sparking consumer interest and ultimately driving an ever-increasing public adoption. Solidbit offers a prepaid crypto card that allows users to easily load funds from one of their wallets and use the card anywhere. It can act as a regular debit card at merchants. Furthermore, it allows platform customers to make quick withdrawals from ATMs around the world.

IB partnership program as a new revenue stream

The IB Partner Program offers users the opportunity to earn rewards from others who referred them to sign up on the platform. Customers can now earn extra income by referring friends and family members to sign up on the Solidbit exchange platform.

The IB partnership program is a great way for investors to earn extra income by promoting cryptocurrency investments in their communities. All participants receive a 40% commission on their affiliates' trading commissions. So, once the person makes a trade, the Solidbit client who invited the user to trade will receive a portion of the commission paid to the exchange. The rewards are changed in USD to the user account on the website.

The IB affiliate program will increase Solidbit's exposure to businesses and individuals worldwide while rewarding users of the platform. This is a great way for individual traders, crypto communities, and influencers to generate additional revenue in the crypto space.

About Solidbit

Solidbit is a professional digital asset exchange designed for both retail and institutional clients. Headquartered in Seychelles, the advanced trading platform offered an extensive range of trading products, including major cryptocurrencies and trusted fiat currencies, to provide the safest and strongest trading opportunities. Solidbit is a high-end trading platform committed to providing its clients with a safe environment for trading. The platform strives to become a leading global exchange for digital assets with its excellent product features, fast transaction speed, high level of security, and excellent customer service.

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