Shep Rose Reveals One of His “Favorite” Things About Craig Conover

Like most friendships, the bromance between Shep Rose and Craig Conover has experienced many highs and lows. But despite their occasional squabbles, the two have managed to maintain a big brother/little brother dynamic that, of course, includes some playful roasting. Case in point: Shep’s recent gag gift to his fellow Southern Charm-er.

On Thursday, the South Carolina businessman posted a photo of himself and his longtime pal enjoying an afternoon in the sun. Craig is seen smiling ear to ear while rocking a navy cap emblazoned with the word “HACK.”

“Bought This Hat for [Craig],” Shep wrote in an Instagram Story. “One of my favorite things about him is that he laughs at himself. In fact, that’s the best quality anyone can embody.”

Image of Shep Rose and Craig Conover
Image of Shep Rose and Craig Conover

Photo: Shep Rose/Instagram


Shep also recently shared a few updates on the other Craig in his life. Last month, he posted a video and photos of his French bulldog, Lil Craig. One post included an adorable clip of the pooch hanging out on a deck during a 2022 family vacation. Another showed Lil Craig with a cone around his neck as he recovered from a bout of overheating.

Shep previously spoke about his dog’s name in an interview with The Daily Dish, revealing that he got the idea from one of his father’s clients.

“The genesis of Lil Craig is this: My dad was a lawyer for many years. He’s retired now, and he had a client that owned a giant farm,” he began. “And the client affectionately named a mule after my dad. My dad’s name is Rip, so one of the mules was named Rip. I was a child at the time, and I just thought that was so funny. So it’s an homage, trust me. And a jab.”

Human Craig addressed the dog name during a 2019 episode of the Southern Charm After Show, admitting that the shared name “gets confusing.”

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While Craig’s lighthearted and often self-deprecating humor has been well documented over the years, he’s also never afraid to showcase his more serious and vulnerable sides. Fans will get another look at this dimension in an upcoming Summer House episode in which Craig and his girlfriend, Paige DeSorbo, discuss the pressures of a long-distance relationship and Paige’s hesitation to become engaged within the upcoming year.

“It’s a lot. I will be changing my whole life,” she said about a possible engagement before getting emotional. “I will be changing a lot more than you will be … I have no friends in Charleston. I don’t know anyone. My whole career is [in New York]. My family is in New York … I don’t want to leave my mom.”

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