How Samsung’s Galaxy Books are taking small businesses by storm

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 (The Independent )
(The Independent )

According to a study conducted by Mental Health UK, four out five business owners have reported feeling overwhelmed regularly in the last year. Unsurprisingly, the pressure of running a successful business in a post-pandemic world comes with inevitable concerns, but balancing that with maintaining the efficiency of an office environment, while rarely working from the same space, might seem like an insurmountable task.

It is estimated that nearly 24 million Brits have been working from home this year – a staggering figure, up from 1.7 million people in 2019. While there is no doubt the pandemic has significantly changed the way we work – with many people unlikely to return to an office-based role – businesses are once again under pressure to adapt their style of working. This time, moving away from kitchen tables and home offices, towards a hybrid lifestyle with high-quality computing, where employees can remain productive and connected, no matter where they are based.

For Celia Pool and Alec Mills, this challenge was worth embracing. Their growing business, DAME, sells sustainable period products via retailers and directly to customers. As a small team – who are constantly balancing remote working with the demands of an innovative public-facing company, while also maintaining a healthy family and home life – establishing efficient computer devices was a non-negotiable.

The DAME team have come to depend on the Samsung Galaxy Book for hybrid working (The Independent)
The DAME team have come to depend on the Samsung Galaxy Book for hybrid working (The Independent)

DAME’s sustainable approach to feminine hygiene is particularly admired among the younger generation, as well as professionals of all ages. As the faces behind the brand, Celia and Alec know their personal touch is required to keep that connection strong - which is why they find themselves delving between business matters and creative meetings nearly every day.

By investing in Samsung’s Galaxy Book range, the DAME team has been able to adjust to a hybrid operation – with restrictions on where and how they work no longer being a concern. Instead, employees can log into a fully functional environment with every business tool at their fingertips, from wherever they need to be.

Connecting on every level

Thin, light and providing the power of a PC, Samsung’s Galaxy Book range – the Galaxy Book Pro 360, Galaxy Book Pro and Galaxy Book – is streamlined for people who work online and on the move. Each model can easily slip into a handbag or backpack. The 13.3” Galaxy Book Pro 360 weighs just over one kilogram and measures just 11.2mm when closed, and provides a full HD AMOLED touch display with ultra-thin bezel, for the most immersive perspective on creative project work.

Thin, light and providing the power of a PC, Samsung’s Galaxy Book range (The Independent)
Thin, light and providing the power of a PC, Samsung’s Galaxy Book range (The Independent)

For the DAME team, this colour-popping, edge-to-edge capability is exactly what’s needed when switching from managing business plans to creating social media content and designing packaging. With a Windows 10 Pro operating system and Intel’s 11th Generation Core Processor working with smart features such as the Galaxy Book Pro 360’s top-of-the-range HD quality touch screen, users can effortlessly sift through imagery and videos – or connect the S-Pen tool to design and annotate – while also balancing spreadsheets, sharing projects and responding to emails.

A simple Samsung DeX connection provides a seamless link from selected Galaxy smartphones or tablets to a Windows desktop, allowing colleagues to sync their mobile devices to their Galaxy Book. The Samsung – Microsoft partnership allows for Link to Windows, a feature that lets the user see their favourite mobile applications directly on their Galaxy Book. The result is that DAME can make the best use of this innovative computer technology for clear communication and high productivity.

Secure, unbroken connections

Whether working from home or running between client meetings in the city, the team find the Galaxy Books to be perfectly designed for a busy or pressured scenario. All devices are built with top-grade security essentials, such as secure boot, firewall and information-loss protection, and can be configured to unlock only with a secure fingerprint. Additional data encryption tools, such as Windows BitLocker are also available.

Celia Pool and Alec Mills using Samsung Galaxy Book range (The Independent)
Celia Pool and Alec Mills using Samsung Galaxy Book range (The Independent)

There is no need to carry multiple cables, as Samsung’s Galaxy Books have a compact, super-fast USB-C charger – perfect for when the office needs to fit into a bag. Rather than clunky cables and accessories, a long-lasting battery and compact USB-C, charger built for fast charging aids any bespoke set-up. Plus, the Galaxy Book Pro 360 built-in Wi-Fi 6E connection works at speeds three times faster than regular Wi-Fi, meaning connectivity is never an issue.

With a three-year manufacturer’s guarantee included as standard, Samsung’s technical support team work quickly and efficiently to ensure productivity isn’t hampered in the event of a fault. An option to extend this service to cover three years of enhanced technical support is available. This allows next day delivery and in-person, doorstep repairs – alongside an annual Knox health check to ensure everything is in working order.

In other words, devices can be distributed among employees for use wherever they are based without any worries about security, data storage or technical support. For small business owners like Celia and Alec, the Galaxy Book’s contemporary computing solutions are truly facilitating the current movement into flexible, stress-free, hybrid working. And it couldn’t have come at a better time.

To find out more, tune in to watch The Independent’s journalist and author Harriet Hall speak to DAME about the use of Samsung’s Galaxy Book range.

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