A sampler of our most popular articles of 2022

We’ve created a special downloadable e-book of some of our most popular stories of the year – stories that sparked the curiosity of readers like you, covering topics ranging from super-earths to mosquito magnets, and from why we need to file tax returns to why we can’t just throw all our trash into volcanoes.

Download the e-book
Download the e-book

We hope this is a special – albeit small – sample of the great work we’ve been able to accomplish this year with the support of the universities, academics and donors who are our partners in creating independent, fact-based, nonprofit journalism.

Together, we are a force for good, helping the public better understand the complex issues shaping our communities and lives.

It’s a simple but innovative model: We find experts to dig into topical and newsy issues and work with them to craft articles that explain simply – without oversimplifying. We give away all our stories for free, to readers and newsrooms around the world, without syndication fees or paywalls or advertising. And those stories reach more than 10 million readers each month. We’re so glad you’re one of them.

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