Safuu Space Launches Crypto’s Highest Paying DeFi Yield of 423K % APY

Paris, France, March 29, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The Best Auto-Staking and Compounding Protocol & BNB Reflection, the Highest fixed APY in 423,015.60%, Automatic Staking & compounding interest BNB reflection every 15 min. The Safuu Space Auto-Staking Protocol is a new financial protocol that makes staking easier, more efficient and awards $SFSP token holders with the highest stable returns in crypto. Safuu Space is emerging as the next generation of staking platforms, providing a protocol that makes staking easier and enables investors to earn profit with the highest APY ever. In addition to a variety of features on the dashboard, including an NFT marketplace to enable investors to make a profit in various ways. The Pre-Launch PinkSale link will soon be available on our website and all of our official accounts, and comply with Fair Launch Rules where everyone will be able to acquire $SFSP tokens in an equal way on the PinkSale platform using BNB.

There is no whitelisting required. Everyone will have an equal chance to buy $SFSP on PinkSale at release time. First come, first serve. Once our deadline is reached, there will be no further available investment at the Pre-Launch rate. The only way to buy $SFSP will be on PankcakeSwap upon public market release via the $SFSP/BNB pair.

PancakeSwap Listing - After the deadline of the Pre-Launch is reached. we will head to the market by creating the $SFSP/BNB liquidity pair within 36 hours. This liquidity will be locked for 1 year via trusted PinkLock

APY stands for Annual Percentage Yield. This measures the real rate of return on your principal tokens amount by taking into account the effect of compounding interest. In the case of SAFUU SPACE Protocol, your $SFSP tokens represent your principal tokens, and the compound interest is added periodically on every event (Every 15 minutes). One interesting fact about APY is that your balance will grow not linearly but exponentially over time! Assuming a daily compound interest of 3.425%, if you start with a balance of 1 $SFSP on day 1, after a year, your balance will grow to about 4,230,156

About Safuu Space

The Safuu Space Coin is a BEP20- token that can be traded on the Binance blockchain. SAFUU SPACE is an Auto Staking and Compounding protocol with 423,015.60% fixed APY.

We have designed a dashboard with a twist in staking where the focus is on the earning system. The reward does not aim to be too intensive. We want it to be simple, where anyone could stake, entertain and still earn real money!

SAFUU SPACE brings various features in the dashboard, allowing investors to make a profit in numerous ways, including an NFT marketplace.

Our team consists of intensely driven and crypto-enthusiast individuals with vast experience in Crypto. The team has KYC certification with Pinksale and plans to be publicly doxed at a certain milestone as we value the trust of our holders as the number one priority.





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