Ryan Reynolds becomes 'Ryan Reynolds+' in hilarious ad with Will Ferrell, Octavia Spencer

A new and improved Ryan Reynolds is here.

The actor is at the center of a humorous new commercial in which he gets teased by Will Ferrell and Octavia Spencer, his co-stars in the recently released holiday comedy, “Spirited.”

“When you stream something on Apple TV+, you can literally feel the innovation,” Ferrell says before Reynolds comes onto the screen wearing red pants, a red jacket and white shirt.

“The new Ryan Reynolds+ has been optimized. The complexity in the eyes is immediately apparent,” Spencer says, while Reynolds looks annoyed.


“Is he funny? Confused? With a new three-time emotional range, the Ryan Reynolds+ can be any of those things at any time,” Ferrell says, while Reynolds bodies is duplicated into three separate bodies.

“The Ryan Reynolds has been programmed with song and dance mode, both of which are on display in ‘Spirited,’” Spencer continues, as Reynolds takes a look at his watch.

“Every self-deprecating line from the Ryan Reynolds has been thoughtfully crafted for optimal enjoyment,” Ferrell adds.

Reynolds has had enough. (@VancityReynolds via Twitter)
Reynolds has had enough. (@VancityReynolds via Twitter)

Ferrell and Spencer note the new model has had “some bug fixes.”

“We covered his hideous face with a beard,” Ferrell says, while a close-up shot of Reynolds shows just how incredulous he appears to be. “We took out the bags under his eyes.”

Finally, Reynolds has enough.

“I have three kids!” he shouts. “Just see ‘Spirited.’”

“New model’s kinda testy,” Ferrell says in a hushed tone, while Reynolds storms off as the spot comes to a close.

“Spirited” is currently in theaters and available to steam on Apple TV+.

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