Rumble Breaks Company's Record for Video Consumption & Dan Bongino Reaches 2,000,000 Subscribers

The Dan Bongino Show has become Rumble's largest channel in less than 18 months, and Rumble's users consumed more video bandwidth than in any other day in the company's history.

TORONTO, Jan. 5, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Rumble is proud to announce that The Dan Bongino Show's Rumble channel has reached 2,000,000 subscribers—more than twice the number of subscribers to the show's YouTube channel. Bongino is the host of a nationally syndicated radio show and a Fox News television program. In addition, Rumble's users consumed more bandwidth yesterday than any other day in the company's history, marking a new high for video consumption.

"The explosive growth in followers on Rumble has no parallel," Bongino said. "We haven't seen anything like it on other content platforms. The subs, the views and the hours-watched on Rumble speak for themselves. Rumble IS the future."

"The rapid growth of Bongino's channel reflects broad public interest in the content he is producing," said Rumble CEO Chris Pavlovski. "His channel has grown much faster on Rumble than on YouTube as consumers flock to Rumble because they know we won't selectively censor creators."

Rumble is a high-growth neutral video platform that is creating the rails and independent infrastructure designed to be immune to cancel culture. Rumble's mission is to restore the internet to its roots by making it free and open once again. The company recently announced the execution of a definitive business combination agreement with CF Acquisition Corp. VI (NASDAQ: CFVI). See the announcement here:

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