Refreshing pattern change won't last long in Northeast

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A cold front that swept through the Northeast Wednesday acted as a cleanser for the atmosphere over the Northeast. Not only did it bring an end to the high humidity levels, but it also ushered out smoke that drifted across the country from wildfires burning in the western United States and Canada. However, forecasters say that the relief is only temporary.

The smoke that drifted over the region Monday and Tuesday turned the sky a milky color over the Northeast. This resulted in radiant sunsets and sunrises but also poor air quality as the smoky, hazy conditions triggered air quality advisories in numerous cities. Most of the smoke has since been whisked away to the south thanks to the passage of the front.

For the end of the week, showers became a bit more numerous in New England.

Smoke became much less prevalent over the Northeast spanning Thursday and Thursday night and remained largely absent on Friday.

Things began to change by Saturday night. The cold front responsible for the more comfortable conditions changed course and moved northward as a warm front. Although Saturday was fairly seasonable, this will not be the case on Sunday.

As the flow of air turns around out of the west, some of the smoke that has collected over the Midwest may be pulled back across the Northeast.


"After a seasonable day across the Northeast on Saturday, temperatures will quickly cross into higher-than-average territory on Sunday," said AccuWeather Meteorologist Mary Gilbert.

The warmth is likely to be accompanied by showers and thunderstorms, some of which may turn severe. Portions of New York, eastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey as well as portions of the mid-Atlantic and Ohio Valley.

Farther south, even though thunderstorms are still likely, the mercury is likely to soar with more sunshine in between any thunderstorms.

"By Sunday, residents in places like Philadelphia and Washington, D.C. can find themselves back in the throes of 90-degree heat," said Gilbert.

Even where thunderstorms do not rumble, humidity levels will increase region-wide. The heat and humidity will certainly make it feel much like it did earlier this past week.

To start the new week, the warmth is expected to continue unabated. Humidity levels may drop slightly Monday over interior areas and by Tuesday along the coast. This will make it a little more tolerable, but temperatures will continue to run at or above normal through at least the middle of the upcoming week.

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