Poly Network Trying to Hire Hacker Behind $600M Heist

BeInCrypto –

The cryptocurrency platform that was targeted by last week’s $600 million dollar heist asks the hacker to become its chief security advisor.

In yet another bizarre twist to the recent Poly Network hack, the offender has been asked to come and work for the company he almost bankrupted. The attack is believed to be the biggest cryptocurrency theft in the history. Worse than the Coincheck attack in 2018 ok around $540 million and the attack on Mt. Gox in 2014 of $450 million.  The platform had previously offered “Mr. White Hat” a $500,000 bounty for restoring the user funds, which the hacker alleged turned down. He later said that “I am considering taking the bounty as a bonus for public hackers if they can hack the Poly Network.”

In the wake of the attack, Poly also announced a new bug bounty program, saying that “we also plan on launching a new global-bounty program to encourage more security agencies and white hat organizations to participate in the audit of Poly Network’s core functions.”

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