Peter Hardy death: Actor found dead on Australian beach after drowning while snorkelling

Actor Peter Hardy, as seen in a self-shot photograph (Peter Hardy via Facebook)
Actor Peter Hardy, as seen in a self-shot photograph (Peter Hardy via Facebook)

Actor Peter Hardy has died at the age of 66.

The TV star drowned in an apparent snorkelling accident off the Australian coast.

In Australia, Hardy was best known for his role in McLeod's Daughters, appearing in 44 episodes of the drama series, as well as the 2000 film Chopper and the stage version of Mamma Mia! The Musical.

He also featured in three episodes of Neighbours in 1997, playing a character called Jimmy Drane.

Local reports suggest that Hardy had travelled to Fremantle – near Perth, in Western Australia – from London to see his elderly mother.

Hardy is then said to have gone snorkelling at Fremantle’s South Beach, sharing an update on social media shortly before his death.


The West Australian reports that Hardy was taken out of the water at roughly 10:40am on Thursday (16 March).

Bystanders are said to have attempted to save Hardy’s life, administering CPR while awaiting the arrival of paramedics.

Hardy’s brother Michael shared the news on social media, writing: “I’m devastated to say that my brother, Peter Hardy, passed away suddenly this morning... Rest in Peace my beloved little brother.”

Others also paid tribute to the actor on Facebook, with one friend, Andy Burns, writing: “The amazing and beautiful Peter Hardy drowned while snorkelling at South Beach Perth. He was 66 years old and looked like a Greek god, so fit, and so happy to be back in his native WA visiting from London where he had made his home.

“Words cannot express how deeply I feel this loss, We’ve been close friends since living together in Neutral Bay Sydney in the mid 80s. He was a superb actor a wonderful singer and guitarist he also played drums and sax. He always loved performing in the theatre as well as film and TV. “

According to Burns, Hardy had bought a canal boat in London, and would record music there and send it back to him.

“Heartfelt condolences to all his family and many friends over this devastating loss especially his beautiful girlfriend Lysa our thoughts are with you,” the post continued. “Vale dear friend Peter Hardy RIP.”