'Pawn Stars' Chumlee Sexy Beach Pic Too Hot for Instagram

Chumlee has worked his butt off to get in shape, and he's proud of the way he looks, but apparently the last photo he took to show off his physique was too much for Instagram, who apparently took down the photo with no explanation.

During a recent trip to Hawaii with his fiancée Oliva, the longtime "Pawn Stars" reality show star posed for a sensual shot while out on the beach.

Laying in the sand and arching his back, Chum soaked in the sun while showing off his slimmed down figure.

He tells The Blast, "I thought I would start my modeling career off with this photo."

The only problem is, within days of posting the shot, Chumlee tells us it mysteriously disappeared from his Instagram feed.


The reality star is upset over the take down, especially since he says that no explanation was given by the social media platform.

Along with the sting of having his hard work removed from the web, we're also told Chumlee was stung by a jellyfish immediately after this photo was taken.

We're told the jellyfish wrapped itself around Chumlee's arm and delivered a sting, but his injury does not appear to be serious.

While in Hawaii, the reality star also took part in a few fishing excursions with friends.

He shared photos of the trip, which went down on the island of Maui.

We broke the story last year after Chumlee dropped over 100 lbs and got engaged to his longtime girlfriend.

He lost the weight through the help of gastric sleeve surgery, which dropped his weight to under 230 lbs from 344 lbs.

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