Opinion: Myles Slusher owes Arkansas, you, nothing

Myles Slusher owes Arkansas nothing.

He isn’t from Arkansas. And even if he, were state borders are abritrary.

Myles Slusher owes coaches nothing.

He can stop “working for his bosses” the same way you can. No one expects you to stay if you don’t like where you are for whatever reason.

Myles Slusher owes teammates nothing.

He has countless friends on the Arkansas football team, friends who mean more than any of us (or any of you) to him. If your automatic assumption is that he didn’t talk to them about what he was doing, that says more about you than them.

Myles Slusher owes the university nothing.

He chose Arkansas as much as Arkansas chose him. The school itself didn’t give him anything he wouldn’t have received at another place of higher learning.


Myles Slusher owes fans nothing.

He played football because he likes football. He doesn’t play football for fans.

Myles Slusher owes you nothing.

Myles Slusher is a grown man who can make his own decisions for any reason – any reason – he wants to.


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Story originally appeared on Razorbacks Wire