Odds for Boom Supersonic flight grow longer after Rolls Royce leaves project

Tonight, an update on a story we first reported last November about a growing number of aviation companies racing to develop a new generation of supersonic passenger jets.

One of them, the American start-up company Boom and its founder Blake Scholl had already built a single-seat test plane when we visited the factory.

Turning that test plane into a passenger transport called "Overture," was, as we said in our story, a longshot.

"And we are working with Rolls Royce on a-- custom jet engine that will power Overture," Scholl told us. "It is a-- it is a lightly customized engine. And part of that is Rolls Royce's work where they're kind of turning some design knobs."


This month, the odds for success grew longer when Rolls Royce withdrew from the partnership and left Boom actively searching for another engine-maker.

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