No, Armie Hammer Is Not Working at a Resort in the Cayman Islands—At Least, Not Yet

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Bad news for Armie Hammer-heads, by which I mean people who are obsessed with the ever-stranger story of the actor-turned-alleged sex cannibal: The rumor that the Cayman Islands resident got himself an appropriately strange new job—albeit not for any film work, mind you—has turned out to be bogus.

A viral tweet from screenwriter Muna Mire Wednesday afternoon—which has since been deleted—suggested that Hammer had once again found gainful employment, this time in hospitality work. “My friend's parents went on vacation in the Cayman Islands and armie hammer was their concierge i'm still not over it,” the tweet read; attached was a flier from a Grand Cayman-based resort called Morritt’s featuring Hammer’s face and kind regards.

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The flier, which has the names of the guests written at the top, seemed to imply that it came directly from the guests’ personal concierge—in this case, “Armie.”

But Morritt’s director of sales, Christopher Butcher, tells The Daily Beast that while Hammer was hanging out at the resort over the weekend, he isn’t working there in any capacity.“[Hammer] lives in Grand Cayman. One of my staff plays golf with him, and he had come in just to spend a day with one of my staff members to see what we do.”

That staff member decided to use Hammer’s famous mug on his own hand-out to surprise and intrigue vacationers, Butcher says. But, no, Hammer himself wasn’t giving away “discount drink tickets” and “free raffle tickets,” as the flier suggests.

It’s still likely that guests at the resort over the Fourth of July weekend saw Hammer walking around, however, even if he wasn’t serving as their personal concierge.

“I’m sure they would have [seen him],” Butcher says. “He was outside having a cigarette…If you were a movie buff, you would recognize him.”

Fans of The Social Network or Call Me By Your Name certainly must have freaked out—just as the internet did when they learned that Hammer might have gotten himself a new job somewhere. Violent rape, sexual assault, and cannibalism allegations typically don’t look great on a resume. Considering that Hammer was most recently in the news for an upcoming Discovery+ series about his infamous family’s various sex, drug, and financial scandals, people on social media understandably found the flier both shocking and low-key hilarious.

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“It never crossed my mind that we would get this much publicity just from someone hanging around the office,” Butcher says, adding that he was “perplexed” by the attention generated by Hammer’s rumored appearance at Morritt’s, whose past famous guests have included folks like Iggy Pop, Taylor Swift, and Mark Cuban. “It just shows how popular actors are.”

As for whether Hammer could actually land a job serving guests at Morritt’s? Butcher’s not against the idea. “If it’s generated this much publicity, then maybe!”

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