ABEYCHAIN 2.0: Bringing New Functionality to The Blockchain Ecosystem

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VADUZ, LICHTENSTEIN / ACCESSWIRE / May 26, 2021 / ZEXPRWIRE, The ABEY Foundation showcased a major new version of it's blockchain at the AIBC Summit 2021 in Dubai. ABEYCHAIN 2.0 is attracting a strong global open-source developer community support because of its unique functionality. ABEYCHAIN 2.0 is becoming the blockchain of choice for developers looking to build decentralized applications, business use cases and achieve cross-chain interoperability. ABEYCHAIN 2.0 was launched in March 2021 and has already added thousands of unique addresses to its ecosystem. So, what can these new users expect from the newest version of the ABEYCHAIN ecosystem?


ABEYCHAIN 2.0 uses a hybrid of consensus combining DPoS and PoW to solve some of the most common problems for blockchains. ABEYCHAIN 2.0 uses DPoS committee as a fast chain to process transactions, while giving the committee oversight to the PoW node. This translates into enhanced efficiency that is ideal for ecommerce transactions. ABEYCHAIN 2.0 expands functionality using smart contracts, DeFi with XSWAP and the ABEY Storage Network (which leverages the ABEY Storage Token, or AST.)


The ABEY Storage Network aims to disrupt the data storage business with a fair, open reliable data storage solution that puts the control of data firmly in the hands of the user. ABEY Storage provides an alternative to the centralized storage controllers currently dominating the industry. Clients and miners negotiate for a mutually beneficial storage rate. Clients pay storage miners to hold their data. Storage miners store this data using mathematical proofs to verify completeness, accuracy and privacy. Retrieval miners are then paid to retrieve and deliver the data whenever it is requested by the end user.


ABEY Storage provides standardized storage servers that are fully compliant with the IPFS storage protocols that also have significantly less cost than the Filecoin solution with no possibility of termination from the network. This makes it possible for miners to be rewarded for their efforts in the form of AST: the ABEY Storage Token. AST has 100% parity with FIL and can be traded 1:1. 100% liquidity is provided by multiple liquidity providers and exchanges around the world.


The ABEY ecosystem is available right now. If you would like to trade the ABEY Token, that can be achieved at www.zbx.com or www.zbx.plus. For more information on the ABEY blockchain, you can visit the homepage at www.abey.com, where you can find the initial scientific whitepaper, download links for the wallet and the other information.


The ABEY Foundation contributes governance, and research, for the ABEYCHAIN, while maintaining the integrity of the core technology. The Foundation provides guidance, and direction for the ABEY Community and Ecosystems, and has a strong a commitment to protect the immutable freedom of all ABEY users now, and for future generations. For more information, visit: www.abey.org

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