NASCAR Driver Kyle Busch's Wife Talks Starting IVF Grant Program After Fertility Struggles

Jen Juneau

Kyle and Samantha Busch are leveraging their own struggles with infertility to help other families realize their dreams of becoming parents.

The spouses, who are parents to son Brexton Locke, 4½, and have previously been open about their heartbreaking journey toward conceiving another child, are spreading the word about their Bundle of Joy Fund. It’s an organization they launched that has helped bring 25 children into the world to date (with five more on the way!) by helping couples with the costs associated with in vitro fertilization treatments.

“When Kyle and I were going through infertility, we couldn’t understand why when we had so much love to give,” Samantha — who discusses the foundation and her journey with her NASCAR driver husband, 34, in a recently released episode of Circle Network’s series Better Half — tells PEOPLE.

The couple previously chronicled their IVF process to PEOPLE, and shared the heartbreaking details about suffering a miscarriage with their daughter after finding out they were expecting.

“We were fortunate to be able to afford IVF treatments but it devastated us to know that for many couples, getting their financial estimate would be the end of the road for them,” Samantha adds. “In that moment, we knew this struggle was put on us for a special reason. After our son Brexton was born, we started the Bundle of Joy Fund to help other couples become parents by granting them financial grants to alleviate at least some of the financial burdens associated with the IVF process.”

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Kyle Busch (R) and wife Samantha | Courtesy Kyle Busch
Kyle Busch (L) and wife Samantha | Courtesy Kyle Busch

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“Seeing the families we have helped with their babies has helped us to make sense of our own difficult journey to conceive,” Samantha says. “It was worth all the pain, shots, the months of trying and roller coaster of emotions because it gave us the unique perspective of what these couples face and a strong desire to want to help others.”

She notes to PEOPLE that “the average cost of a round of IVF treatment is $20,000 with many couples needing to go through multiple rounds, for an average total of over $50,000.”

“For many families, IVF treatments are not affordable, and insurance doesn’t help to cover the costs associated with it,” Samantha says. “The applicants to the Bundle of Joy Fund are hardworking individuals such as teachers, military and first responders. They chose careers that give back but when they need help to have a baby there is no assistance. That is where Bundle of Joy Fund can step in and help them to realize their dreams of having a child.”

Kyle Busch (L) and wife Samantha with son Brexton | Courtesy Kyle Busch

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According to the organization’s website, “The funds assist with the costs associated with IVF treatment through the REACH Clinic of Charlotte.”

There are two restrictions for applications: prospective patients “must have a diagnosis of infertility from the REACH Clinic of Charlotte” and “be a legal permanent U.S. resident in North or South Carolina.”

While applications aren’t being accepted online at this time, the website explains that “all applications may be obtained and submitted through the REACH Clinic of Charlotte after an initial consultation.”

Kyle and Samantha Busch’s episode of Better Half airs on Circle Network on Feb. 25 at 9 p.m. ET, as well as on Feb. 26 at 1:30 a.m. and 4 p.m. ET.