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Xbox controllers are up to 26 percent off at Amazon

Just in time for friendly sports game match-ups.

Aaron Souppouris/Engadget

Now is a good moment to buy a second Xbox controller for your local multiplayer games — or a livelier-looking replacement for the gamepad you already have. Amazon is selling the Xbox Core Wireless Controller for up to 26 percent off. The white model is the most affordable of the bunch at $45 (normally $60), but you'll also find significant savings for the blue, red and Electric Volt (read: neon green) variants.

Buy Xbox Core Wireless Controller at Amazon - $45

If you own an Xbox Series X or Series S, you know what to expect. The Core Wireless Controller largely offers Microsoft's years-old layout, just with an Elite-style circular directional pad (better for fighting games and some other titles), a share button and better grip. It's not as clever as Sony's PS5-oriented DualSense, but it's comfortable, offers Bluetooth support and lasts up to three days on AA batteries. It's clearly the gamepad of choice if you want to use an official design and don't want to pay the premium for Elite Series 2.

As you'd guess, you won't get any frills with these gamepads like you would with the Elite or some third-party pads. You won't find swappable covers or sticks, a luxurious feel or other upgrades catering to the most dedicated gamers. At these sale prices, though, the Xbox Core Wireless lineup is an easy choice when you just need an extra controller for your child or the occasional sports game showdown.

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