Maya Rudolph fans stunned to discover viral Hot Ones clip is from new show Loot

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Maya Rudolph fans have been shocked to discover that a viral clip of the actor on Hot Ones is actually from a TV show.

A clip of the Bridesmaids star being interviewed as a guest on Hot Ones went viral recently. Hot Ones is a show in which celebrities are questioned while they eat increasingly spicy chicken wings.

In the clip, she is seen struggling to handle the spice, telling the show’s host Sean Evans: “I need you to do me a favour. I need you to shut the f*** up.”

Asking for more beer, Rudolph hugs the assistant who brings it over to her and mixes the alcohol with milk.

Since the clip went viral on social media, people commented on the “hilarious” video without realising that the snippet was taken from Rudolph’s TV show Loot.

Rudolph stars in the Apple TV+ series as Molly Novak, a woman whose rich tech husband (played by Adam Scott) publicly cheats on her.

The Hot Ones segment arrives in Loot’s third episode, after Rudolph’s character decides to partake in interviews to help her public image.

Fans on Twitter were surprised to learn that the Hot Ones clip is taken from Loot and not from a real appearance by the actor on the hugely popular web series.

“I’m screaming. I thought Maya Rudolph was actually on Hot Ones, but it’s her character from LOOT,” wrote one person.

Another added : “Twitter’s description of this trending topic is hilarious because Maya Rudolph didn’t actually go on Hot Ones; the clip that’s going viral is a scene from her new Apple TV+ show where her character goes on Hot Ones.”

“Maya Rudolph [is] so good, I thought this was actually Hot Ones for a second,” said a third person.

Someone else wrote: “The amount of people not realising this is for her new fictional TV show called Loot, and believing it’s just Maya Rudolph on Hot Ones is excellent, and kinda shows how good an actor she is.”

This is the second time Rudolph has starred in a parody of Hot Ones.

In March last year, the actor appeared in a Saturday Night Live segment in costume as Beyonce.