Many Pet Parents Spend the Same or More on Pets' Health Compared to Their Own, Survey Finds

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Pet owners are seriously committed to pampering their furry friends.

A new survey from RestoraPet has found that 61 percent of pet owners would spend the same — or more — on their pets' wellness vs. their own. The report compiled answers from more than 500 American men and women pet owners, ages 16 through 73.

The survey also found that nearly 90 percent of those surveyed are willing to spend $100 or more on their pets each month and 55 percent would spend "whatever it takes to ensure their pets are happy and healthy," according to a news release.

"It’s no question that our pets are family and their wellbeing should be top of mind, considering they age faster than we do," RestoraPet CEO Brian Larsen said in the release.


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He added, "I was moved by the results as pet owners placed equal value on their pet’s health as their own, further demonstrating the need for products like ours to ensure an improved quality of life for pets around the world."

In addition to the above findings, the survey also discovered that nearly half of pet owners, 43 percent, have been spending more on their pets since the start of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

"To ensure the best quality of life for their pets, nearly a quarter of pet owners indicated they would be willing to give up at least two dinners out, eight pints of beer at the bar, or 13 cups of coffee from their favorite coffee shop on a monthly basis," the release said.

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In May, a similar survey found that millennial-aged men — defined by the Pew Research Center as those born between 1981 and 1996 — are more likely to pamper their pets when compared to female pet parents.

According to the poll, 39 percent of male millennial pet owners have bought organic pet food, compared to 29 percent of millennial women and 27 percent of all pet owners surveyed.

Men are also more likely to take their pets to daycare and to celebrate their furry friends’ birthdays — 30 percent of millennial men plan to have a birthday bash for their pets, while only 17 percent of women said they would do the same.