Man wounded in possible Long Island shark attack

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A man suffered a foot wound in what authorities said may have been a shark attack off New York's Long Island early Thursday afternoon. The 57-year-old was swimming at Jones Beach in Wantagh when the injury occurred at about 1 p.m., according to the Nassau County Police Department. He suffered a laceration to his right foot. Responding medics determined it may have been caused by a "possible shark bite," police said in a news release. Police said they would be upping patrols on all Nassau County beaches ahead of the July 4 weekend.

This marks the second possible shark attack at Jones Beach in the past year. In July 2021, a lifeguard said he was bitten on the leg and saw a fin while in the water, according to CBS New York. While it wasn't officially confirmed as a shark bite at the time, there were several reported shark sightings at Jones Beach that month.   This comes as a girl was seriously injured in a shark attack at a Florida beach on Thursday. The girl was scalloping in water about five feet deep at the time, and a family member reportedly jumped in and beat the shark away, officials said. She is expected to survive. Last week, a 62-year-old surfer was also seriously hurt in a shark attack at a California beach. He is also expected to survive.

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