Lou Williams says he's acquiring 'Lemon Pepper Lou' trademark after infamous strip club trip

Jack Baer
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Lou Williams seems to have heard enough jokes about his infamous strip club trip outside the NBA bubble. So now he’s going to try to profit from them.

The Los Angeles Clippers guard posted a screengrab of an email from a lawyer that appeared to show him acquiring a trademark for his “Lemon Pepper Lou” nickname, a reference to the chicken wing flavor that bears his name at the Magic City strip club in Atlanta.

“Y’all make jokes and T-shirts, but it’s gonna cost ya lol,” Williams said in a caption.

Screengrab of Lou Williams' Instagram story.
Screengrab of Lou Williams' Instagram story.

In another post, Williams wrote, “Yep. First time I’ve owned a joke lol.”

So if anyone out there has been printing T-shirts joking about “Lemon Pepper Lou,” beware. You might be hearing from lawyers from the man himself.

Lou Williams’ strip club trip led to mockery, and a longer quarantine

Williams’ ties to the Magic City need no introduction for many NBA fans.

The Clippers’ Sixth Man of the Year finalist drew widespread jokes and condemnation after it emerged that the NBA was investigating his trip to Magic City during an excused absence from the bubble at Disney World.

Williams admitted to going to the club after his grandfather’s funeral to pick up an order of the club’s chicken wings, which he has highly praised in the past. Williams was apparently such a big fan that the club named its “LouWill Lemon Pepper BBQ” wings after him.

While Williams has insisted his trip was an in-and-out affair to pick up food, a picture of Williams posing with a rapper and a dancer saying she performed for the player implied otherwise. Williams eventually received a punishment in the form of a 10-day quarantine upon returning to the bubble, six days longer than usual for excused absences.

That caused Williams to miss the Clippers’ first two seeding games (and the corresponding paychecks), and cemented the “Lemon Pepper Lou” nickname for him. At least now he can make a little money from the whole saga.

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