After Life viewers bombard Netflix with same demand following hilarious season 3 scene

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Netflix has been forced to step in following an After Life scene that has led to one particular demand from subscribers.

The demand concerns a scene that was featured in the third and final season of the dark comedy series, which was released on Friday (14 January).

The moment in question occurred during a scene involving Ken Otley, the head of the local amateur dramatics company plahyed by Colin Hoult.

When someone berates him from being “amateur”, he says: “Don’t you dare – I’m a professional actor and director, I’ll have you know.”

Ken is asked what he’s “been in”, to which he replies: “Taxi Driver: The Musical.”

He then launches into one of the songs from the fictional stage version of the Martin Scorsese film, singing: “Are you talking to me? ‘Cause I’m talking to you. I don’t see no one else you could be f***ing talking to.”

The lyrics continue: “Bang bang – I’m a taxi driver! I drive through the night picking up who I like. Bang bang – I’m a taxi driver! If you’re dealing crack then you’ll get one in the back from me.”

‘After Life’ viewers cannot get enough of ‘Taxi Driver: The Musical’ scene (Netflix)
‘After Life’ viewers cannot get enough of ‘Taxi Driver: The Musical’ scene (Netflix)

After watching the scene, Netflix’s official Twitter account received a flurry of messages asking for bosses to commission this musical.

In fact, the streaming service received so many messages, it wrote: “Please stop asking when Taxi Driver: The Musical is coming to Netflix.”

After Life star and writer Ricky Gervais loved the development, retweeting Netflix’s plea.

Gervais has clarified what the emotional ending of the show means amid viewer confusion.