Lara Trump gives strongest signal yet that’s she’s running in 2022: ‘Stay tuned’

Mayank Aggarwal
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<p>File image: Lara Trump and her husband, Eric Trump, were deeply involved in political work during Donald Trump’s tenure as the president     </p> (Reuters)

File image: Lara Trump and her husband, Eric Trump, were deeply involved in political work during Donald Trump’s tenure as the president


Lara Trump, the daughter-in-law of Donald Trump, has hinted that she is open to the idea of running for Senate from North Carolina in 2022 after incumbent senator Richard Burr’s last term at office from the state.

Ms Trump, who was involved in the former president’s campaign, has long been rumoured to be looking at taking a plunge in the US electoral politics.

She is expected to run from her home state for a seat that will become vacant as Mr Burr, 65, has already announced that this would be his last term.

“I will tell you to stay tuned … because it is certainly something I would be honoured to do … I am keeping it open,” Ms Trump told Fox News.

She is married to Eric Trump, who is Mr Trump’s son from his first marriage. Even before Donald Trump left office in January 2021, there were rumours that members of the Trump family, including Ivanka Trump, could run for Senate.

Reports have been suggesting that Mr Burr’s vote against Donald Trump during the impeachment process in the Senate may help the prospects of Ms Trump. Mr Burr was only one of the seven Republican senators to do so.

“I think the speed at which so much has happened has really kind of shocked people, to be honest,” Ms Trump also said, commenting on the changes that president Joe Biden has brought since assuming office last month.

In fact, she emphasised that Americans “for the first time in a long time found that under President Donald Trump they had somebody they felt like was actually fighting for them and standing up for them and fighting for America.”

The 38-year-old alleged that Mr Biden has “made it very clear” that it is “no longer America first” through his actions and what he has said. “Who wants a president that doesn’t put their own country first … It is absolutely ridiculous,” she said.

“You can bet Donald Trump is going to talk about China, Iran, Paris climate deal at the CPAC event,” she said. She added that it is going to be “more disappointment for so many people under the Biden presidency.”

Mr Trump is scheduled to make a speech – the first major one since leaving office last month – at the CPAC event – a conservative political conference that starts on 26 February in Orlando.

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