Lanla Launches the First Customer Register Especially Designed for Bars and Resto-Bars in the COVID-19 Context

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  • The secure web platform is offered free of charge to the entire industry to support owners as well as to reassure customers and employees

  • Quebec bar and resto-bar associations support this initiative for owners and customers

MONTREAL, July 23, 2020 /CNW Telbec/ - Lanla, Quebec's leading marketing research firm specializing in measurement, management and improvement of the customer experience, is proud to launch on the Quebec market the first customer register designed especially for the context of the COVID-19 pandemic and based on public health recommendations. This web platform can be used to keep a simple and secure record of people who access bars and resto-bars to ensure quick contact tracing in event of a COVID-19 outbreak. Intended for owners and their customers, the register can be accessed easily from a web page, and all the data collected are destroyed after a 30-day period to preserve the confidentiality of the information. Geolocation features are also available to facilitate data entry and visits to multiple establishments.

"The bar and resto-bar sector has been hit hard, so we wanted to work together by developing a platform that greatly facilitates the management of access to such establishments during the pandemic, and we're pleased to see that the industry is mobilizing around the use of the register. Customers and owners can use it with complete confidence, as all aspects of information protection and security have been carefully planned and defined," said Richard Zeidel, partner at Lanla.

Industry associations encourage owners and customers to use the register

The Corporation de propriétaires de bars, brasseries et tavernes du Québec, the Nouvelle association des bars du Québec, the Union des tenanciers de bars du Québec and the Association Restauration Québec commend the Lanla initiative and encourage owners and customers to use the register in large numbers, thus complying with public health recommendations.

"The register greatly simplifies the management of COVID-19-related information for owners of bars, resto-bars, pubs and taverns, and we thank Lanla for offering it free of charge to everyone, which will facilitate its large-scale deployment. The introduction of such a register will undoubtedly help reassure customers, employees and public health officials by demonstrating that bars are making every effort to provide a highly safe environment. I'm very pleased that all the associations are getting behind this initiative," said Renaud Poulin, President and Director General of the Corporation des propriétaires de bars, brasseries et tavernes du Québec.

"The NABQ is pleased to be involved in this digital register initiative developed by Lanla to support our members in this context of economic recovery. Through, NABQ'S members have become early partners in the Quebec government's efforts to stabilize the spread of COVID-19. This digital register is, to date, one of the best options offered to us to facilitate the day-to-day operations of our establishments. It is a professional, secure register based on confidentiality principles that we consider vitally important," said Pierre Thibault, founding President of the Nouvelle association des bars du Québec (NABQ).

"The rollout of the register is great news that makes it much easier for our resto-bars and bar owners to implement public health guidelines. Because the register is simple and effective, it relieves some of the pressure on the owners of these establishments, who are going through a very difficult period. The deployment and use of the register on a large scale once again demonstrate our members' hard work and goodwill toward the decision-making authorities," added Peter Sergakis, President of the Union des tenanciers de bars du Québec.

Simple, safe features for easy adoption

With just a few clicks, users of the register can access several features:

  • Easy access to a web page from smart phones, tablets, laptops, etc.;

  • Geolocation functions that can be used to select the nearest establishment, among other things;

  • Answers to questions established by public health officials;

  • Receipt of messages/contact tracing of potential COVID-19 cases within an establishment;

  • Protection of personal data under the Privacy Act (Canada), as confirmed by an independent law firm;

  • Information in the platform available to owners for only 30 days, after which it is destroyed.

"With the current pandemic causing a great deal of concern for everyone, we want to give our customers some peace of mind by offering them the opportunity to register with Using this platform at all St-Hubert restaurants will allow us to reach our guests quickly if we have to deal with an outbreak of the virus. Even though the register is not mandatory, we think this service is of great benefit to restaurant customers and owners alike, in addition to providing an additional security measure. We suggest our guests register directly on the site without having to share their personal data directly with our employees, since the information collected is used exclusively to ensure traceability in the event of a reported infection," said Richard Scofield, President of St-Hubert Group.

In addition to restaurants and bars, the register can be adapted to other industries that want to keep visitor lists, such as concert halls, sports centres, water parks and others.

About Lanla

Founded in 2002, Lanla is a leading Quebec marketing research firm that specializes in measuring, managing, and improving the customer experience. The Lanla team is comprised of more than 50 experts who work with high profile Quebec brands across all business sectors, including banks, insurance companies, consumer and food products, restaurants, retirement homes, transportation, and government corporations. Lanla operates the customer experience platform and owns the branding agency TMDesign as well as the technology firm Circle6.



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