Kim Kardashian Wears Denim Chaps After Kanye West Says She's 'Too Sexy'

Kanye West thinks Kim Kardashian dresses "too sexy" and wants her to tone it down, and it seems the "Keeping Up With The Kardashian" star is listening -- well, sort of. The famous duo stepped out for the WSJ. Magazine's 2019 Innovator Awards at Museum of Modern Art in New York on Wednesday night and Kim was sporting a different look. Fans are used to seeing the 39-year-old reality star baring it all or at least flaunting her dangerous curves in hip-hugging clothing, but during the event, she appeared to dress in order to please her husband.


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The Look:

Sporting a denim off-the-shoulder jean shirt, Kim Kardashian paired the puffy-sleeved top with denim chaps and deep blue leather boots that ran all the way up her thighs. Showing nothing except her shoulders and a little bit of skin around her midsection, the mom of four appeared confident even though she wasn't showcasing her money-making body.

It's interesting she decided to be so covered up for the awards considering fans just watched an argument play out between Kim and her husband on "KUWTK" over her "too sexy" look for the Met Gala back in May. The KKW Beauty founder sported a tight, skin-colored Thierry Mugler gown for the camp theme, and while she wanted to give the illusion that she just got out of the shower, Kanye West didn't appreciate the fake nipples that were attached.

What He Said:

Kim recently appeared on "The Talk" where she discussed the issue of Kanye saying she was dressing "too sexy." Revealing she understood since they have small children at home, the champion of prison reform stated Kanye was the one who "built [her] up to be this sexy person." Explaining the reasoning for his issue with the dress, Kim told the hosts, "Well the dress initially since I was wet coming out of the water, there were nipples attached to it. I think with editing I don't know, I'm not sure if we actually put that part into that fight [on the show]. So, he was really certain that he didn't want that on the dress and had mentioned it multiple times. And that was still on there so we did have that discussion."

Kim added that her rapper husband's "been going through a life change," and it's not just affecting her fashion style. They've removed all TV's from their children's rooms and the makeup out of their 6-year-old North West's room. "And just where he's gone in his life and maybe things that he did a year ago, he probably wouldn't be doing today," she said. "And I think that is such a great example for our kids. But there's also that fine line of, you know, staying firm and doing what you feel comfortable with. And I take a little bit of him and I respect what he's saying."

The Old Kanye:

Kanye's come a long way in his recent years after becoming a man of God. He's secured his religious future by creating a larger than life Sunday Service and just came out with an album titled, "Jesus is King." Although he has a new persona, fans can't forget the old Kanye who before his relationship with the man upstairs, was frolicking around with every scandily-clad model out there. Click for a list of all Kanye West's ex-girlfriends prior to walking down the aisle with Kim!