iPhone 14’s most iconic feature is now available on Android


A major feature introduced to Apple’s latest iPhone line has now come to Android.

The iPhone 14’s most visible change was the introduction of the “Dynamic Island”, which turns the cut-out at the top of the screen for the cameras and other sensors into a new place for notifications. The island grows and shrinks to show notifications, music controls, flight information, and AirDrop progress.

Now, a new Android app called DynamicSpot, brings some of that functionality to other devices. A free version of the app, which is available in early access from the Google Play Store, lets users change the position of the island, its size and shape, and the way notifications appear.

The app also has a paid version that shows the spot on the lock screen, as well as offering users other functionality when users tap on the notification or hold down on them – functions that are absent from Apple’s own Dynamic Island. However, since the app remains in early access there are likely to be some bugs before the final product is released.

As well as the notch, Apple’s newest range of iPhones brings with it an always-on display – a feature that Android devices have had for generations – as well as faster chips and a better camera.

It also comes running iOS 16, the phone’s latest software update which has a number of personalisation changes, from redesigned notifications to the ability to delete and edit messages.