Indian inventor designs smart glasses that can operate military-grade weapons remotely

Shyam Chaurasia a resident of northern India's Uttar Pradesh has created a smart glasses that can operate more than 500 weapons including rocket launchers remotely. He demonstrated the technology at the Ashok Institute of Technology and Management in the northern Indian city of Varanasi on July 15. The project that took almost four years to build is called "Smart Defence Glasses" and has been entirely made from junk scraps. He built the gun using car shock absorbers and auto parts gears. Shyam Chaurasia, a resident of Varanasi, who works at the Ashoka Institute of Technology and Management has previously made several gadgets, including a Facebook operated gun and an automatic sensor gun, which has won several awards for his inventions. Speaking about his inspiration, he said that science fiction motivated him to make the gadget. He particularly got inspiration from Marvel movies and the James Bond films. "Like the action and sci-fi movies, if I give a command 'Fire' the bullet installed in the gun will fire," he says. According to him, the smart glasses can control 500 weapons such as missile rocket launchers, wirelessly. "The prototype has a range of 500 meters, the range of this spectacle will be 1.5 kilometres (1 mile) indicating that our soldiers can target any enemy with the help of a voice code command within the range radius," he said. "It is connected to Google with the help of [the] internet, we will be able to target our weapons from anywhere through a secret code command. "We can attach multiple weapon missiles. With the glasses, the enemy can be targeted in multiple directions without compromising our position," he added. Chaurasia assured that even without internet these glasses can work, the process of which is being kept a secret. According to him, the glasses can only be activated under the command of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and current National Security Advisor to the Prime Minister Mr Ajit Kumar Doval.