Make like the Easter bunny and hop on these deals for eggs, candy, and more stuffers

With Easter right around the corner, you might be on the hunt for affordable eggs and basket stuffers.

You can thank the avian flu and inflation for the high egg prices. Even though inflation eased last month, the cost of eggs is still up 55% compared to last year, meaning your Easter eggs might be more expensive this year.

According to Numerator data, 85% of consumers plan to celebrate Easter this year and 50% of celebrators plan to buy candy, making it the second-most popular holiday for candy purchasing after Halloween.

Overall, shoppers plan to spend a record $24 billion on Easter this year, including $3.3 billion on candy and $7.3 billion on food, according to the National Retail Federation.


Here are a few ways to stretch your budget if you're shopping for Easter eggs and treats.

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Consider plastic Easter eggs

You can find white plastic dyeable eggs for less than a carton of real eggs, said Kristin McGrath, editor at deal website RetailMeNot.

"Anything under $3 is going to be cheaper than a dozen eggs at the store," McGrath said, adding that shoppers can also order plastic eggs in bulk from retailers like Amazon.

But keep in mind that some alternatives to real eggs could cost the same (or be even more expensive) and many options could start selling out closer to the holiday, McGrath said.

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Buy eggs in bulk

If you're looking to save on real eggs, unfortunately, there aren't many workarounds.

The price per egg at warehouse stores like Sam’s Club and Costco will likely be a bit lower than buying a carton at the grocery store. But make sure you have a plan to use all the eggs if you buy in bulk, McGrath said.

Look for basket stuffers on sale

Savvy shoppers can find deals on Easter basket stuffers and candy at retailers like Target and Walmart, McGrath said.

You can also save by buying small toys at dollar stores and taking advantage of loyalty programs at stores.

"If you have to buy something and maybe you're spending a little more than you'd like to, at least you're getting some rewards or the equivalent of cashback," McGrath said. "You might not be able to find things at the price you want them, but at least you're getting some rewards that you can spend on a future purchase."

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