Hero Cosmetics Is Giving Away Acne Kits to Frontline Responders

Beauty and fashion brands are swiftly coming together to support the frontline workers during the COVID-19 pandemic. Some are making hand sanitizers or manufacturing masks, while others are simply donating products. The latest brand to lend a hand in the effort is Hero Cosmetics, which is offering its signature Mighty Patch and its newest product, Rescue Balm, to the first responders who need it most.

Starting April 9, Hero Cosmetics will be offering the two products to all health care professionals, many of whom are getting acne from the protective masks they're wearing to treat patients suffering from the novel coronavirus.

The Rescue Balm, which officially launches Monday, April 6, is made to help calm and hydrate your skin after a breakout. It's made with hydrating beta-glucan, soothing panthenol, and restoring vitamin E to nourish dry, irritated, post-breakout skin.

"We've heard stories and seen photos from hospital staff that their faces are breaking out and irritated from wearing masks and protective gear for so long," a press release from the brand's CEO and co-founder, Ju Rhyu reads. "Because we are so grateful for health care workers and all those who are on the front lines of fighting COVID-19, the least we could do is offer to donate our Rescue Balm in an effort to help refresh their skin and help calm any breakouts caused by masks and other protective gear."


If you are a health care worker and would like to receive the free products, simply fill out a short questionnaire. Once you get your acne set, the brand recommends applying the balm immediately after extracting a pimple or removing your Mighty Patch.

We here at Allure hope that more brands continue to do everything they can for the people that are working hard for us during this difficult time.

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